• 1. Why should I link another account?
    First of all, we highly recommend you to link a social media account or other login method for the safety of your Romance Fate account. Your game data and purchase record will be saved in the cloud; so wherever you log in to your account, Romance Fate can restore your progress. Secondly, you could get some free diamonds as a bonus for the first time linking accounts. As we add more community features, linking your account will bring you more benefits. Don't hesitate to sign in now!
  • 2. How do I log in or link my account?
    Select 'Profile' at the bottom of the screen and it will lead you to the sign-in page. There are four sign-in options: Apple, HUAWEI, Google Play, and Facebook. If you have logged in with one of these accounts before, Romance Fate will restore your game progress.
  • 3. Does Romance Fate save my purchase records when I reset a book or a chapter?
    Yes. Romance Fate will always save and keep your purchase records. However, if you use a visitor account and never log in with a social account, you can lose the game progress if you delete and reinstall Romance Fate.
  • 4. How do I get diamonds and tickets in the game?
    You can purchase diamonds and tickets in the app. You can also earn free diamonds from watching ads. For new players, there are Daily Rewards for the first seven days you log in. You can also find free diamond redemption codes on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Please notice that most of the promotions are time-limited.
  • 5. Are there any other languages available besides English?
    Our game currently provides English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese translations. Some stories may not be available in all languages. Look for the icon indicating which languages are available on the story covers. If you would like to switch languages, just change it through the "settings" or the language icon on story covers. Please be aware that each translation of the story may not be available at the same time. Please follow the schedule of updates or game announcements for details.
  • 6. How do I purchase game items?
    While playing, you may encounter choices to purchase in-game items, outfits, or options that trigger bonus plots. In such cases, you can purchase these by simply clicking on that option. We'd like to reassure you that our game will never make any purchases without your informed consent. We will also save your choices and outfits along with your account record. You can restore all the options at any time by logging in as long as your account is already linked.
  • 7. What if I do not receive my rewards after purchasing?
    Normally such situations are caused by network issues. Don't worry. We suggest you check your network connection. The problem will usually be fixed by logging in again. Then please check your purchase account to see if it is logged into the same game account you are using. If none of the above works for you, please contact us through the feedback function in the game, or contact us directly through e-mail romanceteams@gmail.com. Our customer care specialists will help you resolve the problem. In order to accelerate the solution, we suggest you include your game ID (the 8-digital number under your portrait on the 'profile' page) and the order number provided by the purchase platform in your e-mail. To be precise, Google users shall provide us with a group of mixed English letters and numbers, beginning with GPA while Apple users need to provide a screenshot of your order receipt.
  • 8. What should I do if I cannot access or load the game?
    We're sorry that you're having issues. Please check your network connection first. If the problem remains, you can use the feedback form in game or contact us through e-mail at romanceteams@gmail.com. Our customer care specialists will help you resolve the problem. For the best results, please include your game ID, phone model, and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  • 9. What should I do if the images of characters and scenes don't load correctly?
    This problem may occur due to the unstable loading of network resources. We apologize for the inconvenience. You could solve the problem by clearing the cache in the game settings. If that doesn't help, we suggest you use the feedback in game or contact us through e-mail romanceteams@gmail.com. Our customer care specialists will help you resolve the problem. We would appreciate it if you could include your game ID, phone model, and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  • 10. Why is my favorite story not updating?
    Our writers and game team are hard at work to create new chapters. We've been readers before. We understand your excitement to read the next chapter, but please be patient with us. You can comment on our social media pages and express your enthusiasm for new chapters. Your support is our biggest motivation, and we will do our best to update regularly! Thank you for understanding and supporting us.

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